Saturdays at Eleanor Clinic!

Do you also know that one person who never ‘finds the time’ to go to the doctor? Too busy. Too much to do today, tomorrow and in general. Would love to go and look after their health but, well, all the good doctors are closed on Saturdays. Good news: there’s finally a fix for that!

So you could finally get your skin check, travel vaccinations or blood test done in a relaxed way. And, while you’re at it, take that time-deprived person along for their appointment.

Best to book early as appointments are limited and very popular. Pathology is also open on these days to make it even more convenient for you to finally get your blood tests done. And you don’t even require an appointment for pathology. How good is that?

Yeah, one thing: Did you notice all these call-outs on restaurant menus about them having to charge extra fees on weekends and public holidays? That’s a real thing. Opening on weekends is truly costly for any business. That includes us at Eleanor Clinic. So please be advised that additional fees do apply for weekend appointments. No way we could do it otherwise.

Have a very happy week everyone. We are excited to be able to offer you our new Saturday service. See you then!