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Dreaming up Eleanor Clinic

Eleanor means “light”.
Obviously, we named our Clinic after the Street we are located on but knowing Eleanor meant light: perfect! Eleanor Clinic is filled with so much light, it pours into each and every room.

When we dreamed up Eleanor Clinic, we were very conscious of sustainability and embracing the diversity of the local area. Footscray is such a wonderfully diverse place. From its people to the food and rich cultural backdrop: Footscray was the place for us from the very beginning.

We ended up acquiring the off-cuts and made them work

A dedicated team came together to make Eleanor Clinic possible and we are truly grateful to those extraordinary people we met along the way. We would have never forged these connections with amazingly skilled local craftspeople and artisans had we sourced online.

Take Eleanor Clinic’s carpet, for instance. The manufacturer had produced a limited commercial run for a special project. We very much liked the texture and the subtle, calm pattern. But our small requirements were not feasible for a commercial run. What to do?

We ended up acquiring the off-cuts and made them work.

Eleanor Clinic was built with strong local roots. Most of our furniture are living their second life with us and they all have their own story to tell. Almost all came from places all over the Inner West.

We know what those typical clinics and hospitals with their cold white floors and blank walls look like: we have worked there for many years. Eleanor Clinic was going to be different: a place filled with warmth and a feeling of home: plants, a couch in the waiting room and warm timber pieces throughout. Many who come through our doors comment on how it feels like visiting someone’s home. We have to admit: hearing this makes us very happy.

And that’s how Eleanor Clinic came to be: with a lot of love, a lot of work and a lot of heart. We very much hope you enjoy it.