An update on our Lockdown clinic protocol

Due to the increase in local community transmission and number of exposure sites we are going back to minimising the face to face consultation time for the moment, in accordance with DHHS advise.

Please book for a Telehealth appointment whenever suitable. Telehealth is a convenient way of having a consult with your regular doctor. We can organise referrals, send an electronic script to your phone or send it directly to your pharmacist, organise blood tests and xray referrals ‒ all while you are at home.

If you have an appointment at the clinic the consultation will also start over the phone and we will then bring you into the clinic for the examination.

By minimising the time spent face to face we reduce the risk of infection transmission.

If you or your child have a runny nose, cough or cold, please book an appointment at one of the government funded respiratory clinics. These clinics are specifically equipped for this purpose. You will be seen by a GP there and a Covid swab can be taken.

Closest respiratory clinics


Port Melbourne