Safe appointments at Eleanor Clinic during COVID-19

As you are all aware the best thing we can all do to slow the spread of Covid-19 is to stay at home.

At Eleanor Clinic we have put best current medical advice into practice and changed how our clinic runs during the pandemic. The aim is to be available to look after our patients. We are here for you to get through this difficult time.

Phone consults

You first point of call will now be a phone consult, which will be fully bulk billed. Referrals and scripts can be done this way and sent to you. Your doctor can then decide if further things are needed. A video assessment or a face to face consultation can be organised as per your doctor’s recommendations.

Eleanor Clinic’s friendly team with our reception under a canopy in the car park.

In person consults at Eleanor Clinic

All patients who enter our clinic will first be screened for fever and asked to use hand sanitiser on entering.

Well patients

Well patients coming in for important issues like antenatal care, 6 week baby checks, Diabetes management etc will be given special time slots to come in – isolated from anyone else.

Unwell patients

Unwell patients will be given a specific time to come to the clinic. On arrival please give us a call and let us know you are here. If you are coming via car, please stay in your car. Otherwise we invite you to take a seat in our clinic front garden. There is a chair in each corner for safe physical distancing.


We continue to offer vaccination clinics – these are vitally important. Vaccinations will be done by our nurses outside the clinic under our marquee or in your car. Of course all vaccinations will be entered and documented into your file. Flu vaccinations are fully funded for:

  • Children between 6 month and 5 years
  • People with chronic health conditions, like asthma, Diabetes, Rheumatoid disease, etc
  • Pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy, pertussis booster after 20 weeks for each pregnancy recommended
  • People aged 65 and older

If you do not belong to any of the above groups we can administer the flu vaccine privately, fee $25/person.

Over the coming weeks we will see a rapid rise of COVID infections in our community. Remember that children are the group that is mostly only mildly affected. But you should keep children away from the grandparents as even well appearing children can spread COVID to people who are elderly or those with chronic health conditions.

#We will stay at work for you – please stay at home for us!

COVID resources


Info on the AstraZeneca vaccine from the Federal Government

Eligibility criteria for those 16-39 years old

Info from the Victorian Government and more info on getting vaccinated

Vaccine info from the Health Department and The Federal Government

Where are we on the vaccine rollout?

The Guardian Vaccination Tracker

  • On every parent’s mind: How dangerous is the Delta-variant for children?
    For most children even the Delta-variant – currently circulating in Victoria and NSW – is not particularly dangerous,
    Hear more about it from the director of General Paediatrics at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Sarah McNab on the ABC website.
  • Having a COVID-19 swab done

COVID testing

Victorian Government info on testing

Locating a COVID testing site near you

Short list of COVID testing sites in the West

Check Vic Government site for up to date info


CoHealth West Footscray

575A Barkly St, West Footscray



Altona – Dorevitch

Walk-in, GP referral required

Mo-Fr 8:30am-4pm

Sat-Sun 8:30am-1pm

99 Pier Street. Altona


Altona North Respiratory Clinic (children and adults)


Testing by appointment only. Phone: 9393 3900 or Book online


Ascot Vale (Melbourne Showgrounds)

Drive through, remain in vehicle

Adults and children 5 years and older

Gate 3, Langs Rd, Ascot Vale

Mo-Sun 6am-10pm (last entry 15 minutes before closing)

Registration form


4Cyte Pathology, Spotswood

Drive Through, remain in vehicle

615 Melbourne Rd, Spotswood (Rear car park)


IPC Health, West Sunshine

Drive Through, remain in vehicle

25 Kermeen St, Sunshine West

Mo-Fr 8am-5pm

Support from Maribyrnong Council (food, financial and health resources)

Maribyrnong council has set up relief and recovery response teams that are available to support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. These teams can provide information and advice about services that are available to those affected by COVID-19, including financial resources, food resources, and health resources. They can also coordinate service responses for individuals and families including emergency food hampers, and can assist with general and specialised service referrals. If you, your family or someone you know has been impacted by COVID-19 and is in need of support, please call our dedicated number on 9688 0434 from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

General advice
Pregnancy, Sexual and Reproductive Health
Senior citizens
Anxiety, Stress & Relaxation
Self isolation / quarantine

An update: We’re growing, joining a national research project and training medical students.

As our Eleanor Clinic family is growing it was time for a new team photo.

Our focus has not changed: we provide high quality medical care in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Eleanor Clinic TeamTo grow while keeping our focus on the best medical care for you requires the right professionals to join our team. So we are once again looking to extend our clinic family. Keep an eye out over the next few month: you may spot the odd new face!

In keeping with striving for clinical excellence we have agreed to take part in the General Practice National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey. This impressive sounding title translates to something very important to all our patients: finding out if doctors are using antibiotics appropriately and are following the latest treatment guidelines.

Don’t worry: No patient data is shared here – we never share any of your information unless you explicitly ask us to. Much rather, this survey studies how the doctors in our practice use antibiotics to make sure your treatment is in line with national recommendations. Something else to make sure our patients receive the best medical care? A no-brainer for us: we were only too happy to agree to be part of this laudable project!

Very much in keeping with this we are delighted to have been accredited by the University of Melbourne to help train medical students here at Eleanor Clinic. We will have a student spending time with one of our doctors each Thursday. We feel strongly about helping to shape the next generation of doctors. What better way to introduce them to the complex and wonderful world of General Practice than right here at Eleanor Clinic!

We understand if you may not wish to have a student present for any or all of your visits with us – this is perfectly fine. We will always ask for your consent to have a student present during a consultation beforehand and we will be just as pleased if you’d rather see your doctor without a student present.

To sum it up: Eleanor Clinic’s very own kind of gentle clinical excellence is thriving and we are carefully growing our family. We have entered research and training collaborations to ensure highest medical standards while helping to train the GPs of tomorrow. Exciting times for all of us!

The Australian bushfires.

This summer’s bushfires are a disaster on a global scale. There are many layers to this tragedy and how to address these in the future. At the moment, the biggest concern is what we can do here and now.

How can I help others?

Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, has made it clear that Victoria no longer requires food or clothes donations. In fact, there’s so many of these that they’re now causing logistical issues and hindering emergency services in doing their job effectively.
You can donate to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal (a Victorian Government Initiative) at any Bendigo Bank or online. Any donation over $2 is tax deductible and 100% of donations will go towards the bush fire relief. provides a good overview of other organisations accepting donations that go towards those affected by the fires.
If this an option for you, you might want to consider offering free accommodation to families affected by the fires. The East Gippsland Council co-ordinates these offers. Email, with details of the accommodation you can provide (location, number of bedrooms, dates available), and your contact details. Online accommodation rental giant AirBnB is also offering their platform for free to families affected by the fires and those offering to host them.

What can I do for myself and my family?

A good start is to realise that we are all experiencing a disaster. We have now lost a land area to bush fires the size of Ireland. Dozens of people have died, thousands have been displaced. An estimated 500,000,000 native animals have perished. Over a thousand homes have been destroyed. And there is currently no end in sight.

Stay informed

Here’s a short list on where to get quality, up to date information:

What can I do to lessen the impact of smoke and pollution on myself and my family?

This is difficult to assess and there’s not a lot of research to guide us on this issue. During times of significant smoke pollution the best course of action is to stay home and keep the windows closed. If you do use air-conditioners, make sure you set them to re-circulate the air – otherwise you are going to end up with environmental smoke in your home. Standard air conditioners can’t filter out smoke particles as these are so small they do not get held back by the filters.
Masks are very unlikely to help children, as they won’t seal tight to the face and the children will just breath contaminated air through the gaps. For adults, special P2 masks from hardware stores may be an option but they have sold out in many places. This is probably just as well as, again, they are unlikely to help much unless you manage to achieve an excellent seal to the face. Medical supply stores may also still have some stock of ’N95’ surgical type masks which achieve similar filtration. They will likely reduce the amount of particles you’re exposed to but by no means filter all of them.
Naaman Zhou from The Guardian has written an excellent overview on our current levels of environmental smoke and masks that might be helpful to you.
As always, care for yourself and look out for others that may need your help. Particularly younger family members may pickup on the tension and apprehension that may build up without being able to put this into words. Sitting down, explaining that there are fires happening that send smoke across the country might give meaning to those fears. Letting your children know that they and their family are safe will also help alleviate fears. If you do decide to donate maybe do this together with your children to show them that fears and even big challenges like the one we are facing right now can be addressed and, eventually, overcome.
Lastly, if you experience a medical emergency dial 000 for urgent help. If your medical issue is not life-threatening but you do see your health impacted, our team at Eleanor Clinic are available as always.