Steps to Safety – Everybody deserves to feel safe at home

Everybody deserves to feel safe at home.

Did you know research has shown that at least 1 in every 10 women attending their GP have experienced family or domestic violence?

Abuse can affect your health – and this is why Eleanor Clinic is participating in the Pathways to Safety Program, which aims to further improve the support available for individuals or families whose lives may be affected by family or domestic violence.

This includes people from backgrounds which are culturally and linguistically diverse, those living with a disability, Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people and those from the LGBTQIA+ community, who may be disproportionately affected.

COVID19 lockdown measures mean that most of us have been spending lots more time at home. Sadly, for some of us, home is not the safest place to be. Remember, even during lockdown you can leave home at any time to escape family violence. We are working with Women’s Health West, a local women’s health service in Footscray which provides services such as crisis housing, court support and children’s counselling.

Family or domestic violence may involve controlling behaviours, intimidation, sexual coercion, verbal abuse or physical violence. If you have any concerns and would like to speak to one of our GPs, call our excellent reception team on 9318 4666 to book an appointment or book an appointment online.. When you speak to us you can be sure of your safety and our support and confidentiality, and we can help direct you to services for additional support. You are the expert in your safety. The person perpetrating family violence is responsible for their behaviour. You or your children are never responsible.


Resources for individuals experiencing family or domestic violence.

Remember, if you are in immediate danger, call the police on 000.

  • Women’s Health West (9689 958),
  • 1800 Respect (1800 737 732): 24 hour service providing confidential information, counselling and support services
  • Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre (1800 015 188): 24 hour support service for women and children
  • WithRespect (1800 542 847): family violence service supporting the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Djirra (1800 105 303): Aboriginal community-controlled family violence organisation
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line (1800 806 292): confidential, after hours counselling for people who have experienced sexual assault (weekends, public holidays, 5pm – 9am weekday)
  • Men’s Referral Service (1300 766 491): confidential support for men at risk of using family violence
  • – ‘What’s Okay At Home’, for children