Many of us in the West know the awesome Sarah Powell, a breast cancer survivor, mum to two beautiful kids and the new CEO of the Pink Hope Community. She speaks from the heart:

As a breast cancer survivor, I know firsthand the importance of an early diagnosis. The reality is I might not be here if I had delayed getting the lump in my breast checked.

In Australia, we have seen a concerning drop in cancer screening, pathology, and surgery. The threat of contracting coronavirus has resulted in many Australians deferring medical attention for new symptoms and/or preventing them from attending routine follow-up appointments.

But as we adjust to this new normal, we must ensure that we re-prioritise our health. Now is the time to focus on important health issues that we may have let slip over the last year; by re-booking your missed appointments & screenings or scheduling an appointment with your doctor.

Cancer cases do not disappear as a result of reduced screening, they simply remain undetected. And when cancer is diagnosed at a later stage, it is more difficult to treat and survival rates decline.

Pink Hope is part of a collective of patient organisations, urging people to return to their doctors. We do not want to see Pink Hope’s decade of life-saving advocacy work evaporate.

Our message is clear: Don’t wait. Contact your doctor. Get checked.