Go, Western Health!

As you know, Eleanor Clinic is located directly opposite the power house that is The Western Hospital, with the entrance to Eleanor clinic facing the Western Hospital’s Emergency Department. Over the last few weeks we have witnessed the increasing amount of ambulances arriving to the hospital.

We are so thankful to our colleagues at the Western Hospital who are taking care of our community and families, when any of us are getting very sick. Quite a few Western Health staff have also been seconded to lend their skills and expertise to help with the crisis in the aged care system.

Eleanor Clinic’s Dr. Felicity wanted to support our colleagues and made this fantastic banner: “Go Western Health”, to show our support and gratitude. Everyone talks about nurses and doctors, but hospitals need many other unsung heroes to function: cleaners, cooks, orderlies, ward clarks, nurse unit managers, security guards, administrative staff, and so many more.
So from the bottom of our heart: Thank you to everyone at Western Health for looking after all of us here in the West!