? International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) ?

Eleanor Clinic takes pride in fostering an inclusive environment where people can be themselves and feel welcome and safe.

We support and celebrates all parents, including LGBTIQ parents, whether you are a birth parent or a non-birth parent, foster parent or adoptive parent. We know that perinatal mental illness does not discriminate and that all expecting and new parents need (and deserve) support!

The current pandemic has made it even harder for many new parents to get the support they need. Becoming a parent is such a roller coaster of excitement and – let’s be frank – utter exhaustion.

We at Eleanor Clinic are here to support you! Doctors at Eleanor Clinic have a broad range of training and experience to help you through the post natal period. This includes help with feeding issues, crying babies and post natal depression and anxiety. We make extensive use of the great network of community services, perinatal psychologists and perinatal psychiatrists we have in the West. We all work together to support you through this journey.

The biggest step often is to realise that it is a sign of strength to ask for help. And from there things will get easier!

So, please: speak to us if you are struggling.
We are here to share the smiles and the tears!

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