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Dianne DiBlasi, RN

Practice Nurse, Business Manager

Di DiBlasi is a Registered Nurse who has been a Practise Nurse in the GP Clinic setting since 2004. In her previous life, before being a Practise Nurse, she has had experience working in the cardiac and ICU settings around a number of Melbourne Hospitals as well as senior management experience in the Healthcare Setting. Her passion is Practise Nursing.

Apart from being a busy Mum to 2 children, Di loves leading an active and busy life and is passionate about quality patient care that is always delivered with a hearty welcome and a warm smile.

For the nitty gritty, Di has 15 years immunisation experience with babies, children, and adults. Preventative health care is important to her, especially for chronic diseases. Wound management, triage, keeping up with current standards, the list is endless but above all, Di loves working as part of a fabulous team to help support our wonderful GPs.

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Women's Health

Men's Health

Children's Health

Mental Health

Sexual Health