Appointment types at Eleanor Clinic • Eleanor Clinic Footscray - Your outstanding GP clinic in West Footscray
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We all know how medical issues can differ.


And so does the time required to address them.


Some things may take little time – like a repeat script or a certificate. But complex issues can take considerably longer to gain an understanding and plan the best way ahead.


It’s our aim to address your medical issue carefully and appropriately. By choosing a suitable appointment duration you can make sure we have the time together we require.


If you’re coming in for your first appointment with Eleanor Clinic you might want to download and fill in our brief patient registration form now. Then, just drop it off with our friendly reception staff when you arrive. This will save you the fiddling with pens and clipboards when you’re with us and give you the chance to relax.

Short consult
up to 10 minutes duration
Short consults are ideal for brief issues such as:
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Prescription refills
  • Simple medical issues like sore ears, urinary tract infections and sprained ankles

Choose one of our longer consults for any issues that are more complicated to help us serve you better.

Standard consult
about 20 minutes duration
Our standard consult will be your go-to choice for most medical issues. This includes:
  • Any issues that require a bit more time but are not overly complicated.
  • New referrals to specialists: we will need some time together to identify what your main concerns are and what we hope the specialist will be able to improve. The appointment with your specialist will be of much more benefit to you when we identify the right specialist for your particular issue and get things right from the start. This includes ordering suitable tests for you before you even see the specialist so that all important information is available to the specialist on the day of your appointment.
  • PREP prescription
  • STD checks

Medical issues that require more extensive discussions and planning are usually best suited for one of our extended consults.

Extended consult
about 30 minutes duration
More complex issues are best suited for one of our extended consults. Topics suitable for an extended consult include:
  • Complex medical issues.
  • GP chronic disease plans and Enhanced Primary Care referrals (EPC).
  • Asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain.
  • GP mental health assessments and psychologist referrals.
  • Mental health issues. This includes concerns about stress at work or in relationships or feeling overly sad (“just not right”).
  • Initial prenatal and antenatal care visits.
  • Baby’s six week check and mum’s postnatal check.
  • All appointments for the Women’s Clinic run by Dr Felicity Dent are available as long apppointments only.

Please note that the Women’s Health Clinic run by Dr Dent offers 30 minute appointments only. Specialist physician’s appointment durations may differ. Please speak to our friendly reception staff for details.