Eleanor Clinic is excited to be offering our excellent medical care now with extended hours!

Eleanor Clinic is now open late on Wednesdays until 7pm!

In addition, we are also welcoming patients for consultations on selected Saturday mornings, starting 25th of November. Book your Eleanor Clinic out of business hours consultation conveniently through our website or give our cracking reception team a call on 03 9318 4666.

All consultations remain by appointment only. Please note that consultations outside of normal office hours attract a higher fee.

Outside of office hours fees: (Weekdays from 5pm onwards & Saturdays)
FeeMedicare SubsidyGap Payment (Total out of pocket cost)
Standard Consult - 10-15 minute consult (Item 23)$120$41.20$78.00
Extended Standard Consultation - longer that 15 minutes but shorter than 20 minutes$135$41.20$93.80
Long Consults - 20-39 minutes Consult (Item 36)$185$79.70$105.30
Long Consults - 40 Minute Consult (Item 44)$250$117.40$132.60