Expert asthma advice at Eleanor Clinic!

Our registered nurse Amy is also a trained asthma educator. We are participating in an asthma project steered by the Royal Children’s Hospital. The aim is to improve the asthma care of our children here in Melbourne’s West.

RN Amy is a wizard in how to use all the different asthma puffers and inhalers. She’s so full of infectious enthusiasm that you may end up sad you didn’t make use of these devices sooner. If you have ongoing asthma issues or hay fever symptoms, now is the right time to speak to us about it and update your asthma management plan. You do have an asthma management plan, right? Right?

Thunderstorm asthma season is on the horizon.

Why do all of this? Simple: If your asthma and hay fever are well controlled you are far less likely to have an asthma attack. Which means you are far less likely to end up in the Emergency Department or admitted to hospital when what you really were looking forward to was a balmy evening by the sea. Best laid plans? Put them in place now.

So, if you and your doctor have decided your asthma is best treated with a preventer, then use it the right way! Which means at least daily – or twice a day, for some. Not sure if you really need your preventer? Your asthma treatment not working for you? Don’t just shrug it off. See your Eleanor Clinic doctor for an asthma check.

And then let us know down the track whether you preferred the evening at the beach over waiting in the Emergency Department. Because we sure do.


You can book online via Hot Doc (top right) or call  03 9318 4666 to book with your regular GP and our friendly nurse.