This crap could save your life

It’s not sexy, you won’t find a lot of images of it on your friends’ Instagram and it’s unlikely bigger groups are going to get together for bowel cancer screening parties anytime soon. But it may well be the most important thing you’re going to learn about all week.

Cancer Screening saves lives. Lives like that of a colleague at work or that of your neighbour’s, or the life of that great aunt you haven’t seen in yonkers but always wanted to get in touch with but just couldn’t find the time. Or yours.

Eleanor Clinic is participating in a Cancel Council initiative to help save lives.

If you’re eligible for bowel cancer screening and haven’t had a screening result recorded with us, you’ll receive an electronic invitation from the Cancer Council on your phone soon. Click the link in the invitation and the Cancer Council will mail you a free home testing kit. Or click here or call 1800 627 701 to order a kit now. As in: now now.

The actual test takes very little time and only a tiny bit of effort but could make all the difference. Find more information here or make an appointment to discuss with one of our friendly doctors if you have more questions.