Melbourne – we got this!

Eleanor Clinic is staying open for you during this lockdown – as we have throughout all previous lockdowns.

We know that lockdowns can be a very stressful time and have made extra appointments available for the coming days.

Both convenient Telehealth appointments as well as Face to Face consults are available.

If you or your children have any cough or cold symptoms the Altona and Port Melbourne Respiratory Clinics are government funded clinics which will assess you and do a Covid swab.

If all you need is a COVID swab look for your closest spot here:

When you arrive for your appointment at Eleanor Clinic

As you know, we are big on your safety at Eleanor Clinic and we are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. When you arrive in our car park please call our reception team to let them know that you have arrived for your appointment.

Your doctor will first call you and will bring you inside the clinic for an examination or procedure if this is required and safe to do. All our rooms are sanitised between each consult, as is all our examination equipment.

Everyone over the age of 12 entering Eleanor Clinic is required to wear a mask. Temperature check and use of hand sanitiser are part of our routine. Please let us know if you are unable to wear a mask so we can arrange to see you in our outside clinical tent, if appropriate.

To all of you: we’ve done this before and we can and will do it again. And
this time let’s fight back and get vaccinated!

Find your closest vaccination hub here