Domestic abuse and violence- You are not alone!

 At some point one in four Australian women experience violence in their intimate relationships. We all know women who are effected by domestic abuse and statistics tell us that they are not protected by age, race or socioeconomic status.
During this Women’s Health Week it is more important than ever to support the women and children around us. The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected all of us but for women living with domestic abuse the effect has been disproportionately large and hard to bear.
So if you are concerned about someone you know, ask.
And if you are in a difficult situation yourself, seek support.
Your GP is in a perfect position to listen without judgement and link you into services that can help and provide you with resources. You are not alone.
For urgent medical or police help call: 000
24 hours support: 1800 737 732
Safe Steps: 1800 015 188
(24 hrs access point for people in Victoria who need to leave a violent situation and access emergency crisis accomodation)
Women’s Health West: (03) 9689 9588
(Local service that helps with advice, court support, crisis housing, and services the promote healing and recovery, such as children’s counselling and health promotion)