Eleanor Clinic’s drive-through vaccinations are here.

After a lockdown-related hiatus we are bringing back childhood vaccinations to Eleanor Clinic – with a twist!

Eleanor Clinic is joining the Royal Children’s Hospital call to get all kids up to date with their vaccinations before the lockdown is over.

As COVID case numbers have come down due to the lockdown, it is now important to make sure that everyone’s vaccinations are up to date. When kinder and schools open again kids will do lots of mingling with their friends. This is what children do – interact with each other and being active! But close contact increases the risk for outbreaks of whooping cough, measles and chicken pox if vaccination rates aren’t high. Australia is one of the leading countries in the world regarding excellent vaccination rates – let’s make sure we remain in the safe zone!

How it works:

1Book an immunisation appointment with our nurse online.

2At your given appointment time call Eleanor Clinic reception on arrival in the car park: 9318 4666. Please remain in your car.

3Our nurse and doctor will come to your car. We will be wearing PPE and will say hello. We will check your child’s temperature and have time to answer any questions.

4You are welcome to have your child sitting on your lap during the vaccination for cuddling and reassurance. Feel free to bring a little surprise for your little one as a distraction and reward for after the vaccination.

5After a 5 min observation period you are able to drive back home.

Let’s make sure that all our kids are protected by having them fully vaccinated. Together we can do it!