Times they are a changing – looking after yourself

We have seen more people coming to us at Eleanor Clinic with severe anxiety, insomnia, physical stress symptoms and worsening depression.

These are very stressful times that have forced an enormous amount of change upon us within weeks: working from home, home schooling, lack of access to regular exercise or other fitness classes and the feeling of isolation. That’s some package…

Whether you think you’re doing just fine, are having some adjustment difficulties or are experiencing significant distress: make sure you make time for self care. If you’re now thinking “I have no time for that” then maybe just think about who will look after your loved ones if you can no longer do it.

By looking after yourself you are also making sure you can be there when others need you, who may rely on you.

There is often not one simple solution to help with feelings of too much stress, emotional difficulties or frank despair. Different things will indeed be helpful to different people. Making an appointment to see your GP is often a good start to get help. We’ll listen to what’s going on in your life and together we can make a plan on how to get better or back on track.

This is a bit like finding a signpost in the fog: you still need to take the steps to get you there yourself, but having someone help with directions and being there with you makes life so much easier. Also: fog goes away after a while, even if it can be hard to see that at times.

Look after yourself!
And your team at Eleanor Clinic is here to support you.


For 24/7 domestic violence crisis support call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188. If you cannot safely call, email safesteps@safesteps.org.au and a support worker will reply ASAP.

For a specialist LGBTIQ family violence service contact W|Respect on 1800 542 847

For support for women who live in the Western suburbs, contact Women’s Health West on 9689 9588.