PrEP at Eleanor Clinic

PreP treatment or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis to HIV is available from our doctors at Eleanor Clinic. The treatment is designed to prevent HIV infection for people at increased risk.

When taken daily, it is a highly effective way of preventing HIV. It’s available on PBS with a prescription.

Like all medications monitoring of potential side effects is important. In some people, PrEP can negatively impact kidney function or bone density. When we prescribe PrEP we regularly monitor for these side effects.

Quite a few people can experience headache and nausea after first starting PrEP. In our experience these usually fade away within two weeks.

Part of your consultation with us includes a full STD check on the same day. Melbourne Pathology is conveniently only a 2 min walk from us. You will receive your PrEP prescription and we’ll identify which pharmacy close to you always has PrEP available. Alternatively, any pharmacy can order it in for you.

Regular three monthly sexual health checks are part of being on PrEP. We usually get the results back in a few days. We encourage you to subscribe to our secure and free SMS notifications. This service is completely free for you to use – we’re happy to bear the costs. This system gives you significant freedom from having to actively chase your results yourself. We will send you a privacy conscious message that your results are normal. That’s it. No mention of which tests you had. Should you require treatment for an STD we won’t send you a message at all but rather give you a personal call. We are usually able to book you in for the same day and can then discuss and initiate the right treatment.

Our nurses are happy to check that all your vaccinations are up to date. Recommended vaccinations inlcude Hep A, Hep B, meningococcal and HPV vaccinations.

We’d encourage you to read more on relevant vaccinations.

More information on what PreP is about at

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