Are you considering starting a family?

By Dr. Sarah Metcalfe

It’s well worth dropping in with us before you stop contraception.

At Eleanor Clinic our experienced female GPs can help maximise your chances of a healthy pregnancy by:

  • assessing your general health and fitness for pregnancy through a medical history and examination
  • considering the potential impact of any medications you or your partner may be taking
  • discussing lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking that may affect your chances of conception or a healthy pregnancy
  • discussing strategies for monitoring your cycle and maximising chances of conception
  • advising commencement of both folate and iodine supplements before trying to conceive
  • discussing available genetic carrier screening tests for common heriditary conditions
  • guiding you through available options for antenatal care in Victoria
  • performing blood tests to check your immunity to infection that can have negative consequences if contracted during a pregnancy and advising of booster vaccination if required

Sounds too technical? So let us worry about that side of it so you can focus on the joyous side. We here at Eleanor Clinic are an experienced team to help you through all the question of prenatal conception and pregnancy care.

Looking forward to see you here at Eleanor Clinic!