We turned six months old!

So not quite out of nappies, but getting there. We started as two local Inner Westie mums with a strong drive to create a clinic we would feel welcome at ourselves. That meant we had to offer care to the highest medical standards, sure. But there’s more to a clinic than ‘just’ getting excellent medicine. What Eleanor Clinic really needed beyond that was to make sure everyone felt welcome.

We strive to be inclusive to people no matter the background or the reason they seek medical care. And, yes, we very much feel that this doesn’t have to happen in a typical ‘clinic’ environment. When you go to the doctor you might as well feel at ease there. To be honest, we were quite anxious how things were going to go. We’re trained to look after patients, not to run a clinic, so this was very much a jump into the deep end for us.

Dr Eunice Sales

Quite simply: we have been blown away by all your support! You have given us a go when you could not be sure what to expect and we are very grateful for this opportunity. You might have noticed that the clinic is getting busier. In fact, we are thrilled to report that Dr Eunice Sales has joined our team. We are looking to recruit more like minded doctors and nurses to join us to make sure we can keep up with demand and not having people wait weeks for an appointment.

In the meantime, if you can’t get an appointment straight away we do offer waiting lists for the day. If for some reason you can’t keep your appointment with us please let us know, so we can give someone on the waiting list the chance to make use of it. If you’re looking how you can make things flow even easier, please make sure to look after your test results, referrals and pathology requests. While we are generally happy to reprint these if required, it does throw a spanner in the works as it generates a lot of extra work for the clinic.

Di administering Kolya’s first flu shot ever.

On to other grounds: You will have heard in the media that we’ve had an early flu-season in Victoria this year. We’ve got the flu vaccines available at Eleanor Clinic for all age groups. We very much recommend the flu vaccination to every child (older than 6 months) and adult, even if you’re completely healthy. Speaking of vaccinations: We are an accredited yellow fever vaccination clinic. In fact, we are the only clinic in the West able to provide you with all comprehensive travel vaccines. So, there you have it: we are excited how well things are going and we’re eager to make it even better to suit your needs. We’re looking forward now to Eleanor Clinic’s 1st birthday…


The Eleanor Clinic Team.