Do you bulk bill? Let’s talk about money

Let’s talk about money.

There has been talk in the media again about bulk billing. Let’s have a look at how that works.
Medicare pays your doctor $37 for a consult lasting between 5 and 20 min. If you see your doctor between 20 to 40 min Medicare will pay $75. So if a doctor sees a large number of patients in a very short time, they could earn more money from Medicare. That’s why most bulk billing clinics would expect that doctors are seeing minimum of 6-10 patients in one hour. That’s somewhere between 6-10 minutes per consult.

At Eleanor Clinic our standard consult is 20 min long and, frankly, we could not provide quality health care in a shorter time frame. It ensures we have time to listen to you, work out properly what the real issues are and make a plan with you on what best to do. We know that patients with a regular family doctor and longer consulting times have better health outcomes. That’s certainly what we want and it most likely is what you want as well.

And yes, we do bulk bill but we do not cut short these consultations: We bulk bill families struggling financially, referred to us from Tweddle family services. And we consult on asylum seekers, sent to us from the Asylum Seeker Centre in Footscray, completely free of charge as they are not covered by Medicare. Everyone deserves to be looked after right.

So by supporting us you are helping us supporting those vulnerable patients and families. And you’re making sure that clinics that value their patients by providing a good service can continue to exist. And for that we would like to thank you!